The Google Pixel 4 is set to be announced in early October but as usual we are seeing many details leak well before the official announcement. When some CAD-based renders appeared yesterday we got a good look at the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL showing a large top bezel and a relatively small bottom bezel. Today’s leak possibly reveals the reason for the top bezel.

Last year Google had the world’s biggest notch in their flagship device but this year, thanks to what appears to be an array of sensors, lenses and other tech they will forgo the notch and just go back to the large bezel. Leaker @IceUniverse has leaked some screen protectors showing what exactly makes up the top bezel, and it is chock full of sensors.

He has also added the not-so cryptic clue that the front panel means that the Pixel 4 phones will be “groundbreaking”. There are a few features that Google has in development that would require such sensors and one that seems to fit is Project Soli.

It was way back in January that we reported on Project Soli getting the go ahead from the FCC and given that it is yet to appear in any devices it seems fitting that Google include it in their 2019 flagship making it groundbreaking indeed. Project Soli uses sensors to detect hand motion and allows the user to control their device using hand gestures — hopefully better than the LG G8 ThinQ did/does.

If the leaks and rumours are correct then the huge oval cutout on the right hand side of the top bezel will be for a massive sensor to allow Project Soli and gesture control to be functional. Seems about the only thing it could be for.

Google have never been one for pushing the envelope of design but they have consistently pushed the envelope with software developments and this year appears to be no different. We are looking forward to checking out the Google Pixel 4 and Project Soli in operation — how about you?

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I though Soli used a radar style sensor? Why would it need a cutout in the screen protector. Seems a bit of a stretch to assume this is what the “groundbreaking” feature is going to be. I do hope you are right though.