We love the latest gadgets and electronics, but we didn’t expect to be writing up a travelling hotel room when we came to work this morning. Oppo – makers of the Reno smartphone, which we rather like – has announced that it’s created a luxury hotel suite out of a 40ft shipping container, and it’s going to tour the country for the next 6 months demonstrating some of the cool things you can do at home – or away – with 5G technology.

Connectivity for Oppo’s travelling hotel suite is provided by a Reno 5G smartphone, forming the heart (or brain) of the luxury hotel room. The hotel room is packed with some fun technology that will take advantage of that fast 5G data with a PC for gaming, a smart mirror, smart lighting (connected via a Google Home Hub), a big widescreen TV. You can also use the Reno’s AR apps such as the AR wardrobe, so you can check out the latest looks. Of course you’ll be able to stream your heart out on 5G as well.

The Oppo 5G Hotel showed up at Splendour in the Grass over the weekend and will be positioned at the Home of the Arts on the Gold Coast for a little while before embarking on a tour of the country – presumably, it’ll be travelling to areas covered by Telstra’s nascent 5G network (which might explain why it’s staying at HOTA for a time, while Telstra hopefully expands its 5G footprint).

If this all sounds pretty exciting and you’d like to check it out for yourself, there’s good news – you can book the hotel for $150/night (not a bad price for accomodation really) through its dedicated website at oppo5ghotel.com.

It’s an interesting time to show how a 5G-connected home might work given pressure on the NBN over connection issues, speeds and possibly even traffic prioritisation. We’ve said before that 5G wireless might make for an alternative to fixed-line broadband so this might be a good “oppo”rtunity to decide if this is the future of your home broadband.

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