Knowing the update is coming for 2 months and far too long waiting, Australian users are getting the Tab S4 Pie update.

The 1.4GB update brings a pile of updates to the Samsung UI, not just the OS update. The update list includes One UI update which is evolutionary over the previous version with smoother notifications, better settings access and a new UI for the phone and contacts. The Samsung keyboard has also seen an update.

The notifications shade has been updated and the app switcher has gone to a tiled look vs the slider previously utilised. This is the look that current generation tablets are using (e.g. the Tab S5E) and it’s great to see this come back to the Tab S4.

There is honestly a lot to like in the update. The UI in particular has really been improved, and my first impression is that it’s faster too. It feels almost like a new tablet with the interface update. Having had multiple phones on Pie since it was released, it’s very comfortable and familiar. Being blunt for a moment, users who’ve spent AU$800 and up on a tablet deserve better than waiting months for an update.

It’s finally here, so I’m going to enjoy it and probably not get my hopes up for an Android 10 update.

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I think my telco forgot about it. I ask them about it and day later I got the update and they updated there status page 10 mins later.


I updated a few days ago, after checking every day for a few months.
I’ve had no problems at all, just happy we finally got the update.


@Dickson this is a limited test run report – thus far approximately 16 hours of the XSA build, it did not wipe for me – updated over wifi. The naggling couple of items that I have come across is that Linux for Dex consumes a little more load, the Swift Installer (theme tool) didn’t display, initially, correctly in Dex mode and the custom developer settings I had configured reset though the developer option was still available after reload.

I am using this as my daily driver laptop substitute, that’s all I have to comment on fwiw – as always YMMV..


What makes you feel like there was a dodgy deal with Telcos to delay a firmware release?? Perhaps they prioritised the LTE release over the wifi because the Telcos are their biggest customer… But I don’t think that is a “dodgy deal” .. And not saying it’s right, but, pretty sure that Samsung has no issues with repeat customers…long delays for software updates or not. Seriously, vast majority of people in the general market could not give two hoots about software updates…. Many people I see with android phones have the software update notification in their notification tray and never… Read more »


Ummm… Samsung’s timeline on software updates hasn’t changed one bit over the years…the delays now are the same as they have always been… and during all that they have become the #1 phone maker in the world… and he in Aus.. if you don;t have an iPhone, you have a Samsung… or may as well have ( not me… but look around you ) …. their software updates ( or lack thereof ) has had zero influence on the vast majority of people. ( again… not saying it’s right… just syaing how it is ) Not sure how you are… Read more »


I understand that the the roll-out has been staged differently… but…again.. what evidence do you have that it has been interference from the Telcos that have “colluded” to deliver this? Again, the vast majorty of customers don’t care, so there is very little benefit for the Telcos to be doing this – it is certainly not a buying decision point for 99.99999% of people You do realise that even just by offering the product at RRP split evenly over 24 or 36 months, the Telcos ARE in effect subsidising the units right? You have heard of interest right? The fact… Read more »


I have not updated my Tab s4. I am holding out for more positive feedback before I jump the gun. Did you do a complete wipe?