Google are on something of a rampage tweaking apps and services ready for the final release of Android Q. We’ve seen photos no longer syncing to drive, automatic cropping suggestions and visual indicators of backed up photos. Now we get a feature I’ve wanted for a while, live preview of videos in your timeline.

Users who primarily store photos on their devices are likely to already be familiar with this function. It displays a highly compressed thumbnail view of your video (without sound). This allows you to confirm the content of the video without viewing or downloading the full version. Particularly useful if you’ve taken several videos in short succession at a single location. Here’s how it looks:

The team at 9to5Google confirm the function is rolling out with version 4.20 of the app on Android. The other big bonus is it’s not locked to local content on your device.

Keep your eyes out for the update, or if you can’t wait for this – head to APK Mirror and grab the update manually when it appears.

Source: 9 to 5 Google.