Many of us have forgotten about Huawei’s upcoming smartphone launch given their issues in other areas. It appears that Huawei though are still working towards a favourable outcome in the US and a big release for their Mate 30. Huawei though may have gone to sleep on the design though with a leak overnight revealing a design that is very similar to last years Huawei Mate 20.

Shared on Weibo and since removed are photos showing what looks to be a Mate 30 being testing in a train in China. Of course these images may be fake but check them out below and make your own decision.

The images show the Mate 30 in a protective case that not only protects it but also hides the appearance of the phone. Unfortunately for Huawei it cannot hide that huge notch at the top. With manufacturers starting to head to wards other full screen display solutions it is disappointing to see Huawei stick to the same poor solution — a huge notch. The notch, to give Huawei a small modicum of credit doe seem to be smaller than that on the Mate 20 but given its size that’s not difficult.

All of the phones in the above pictures are being tested making phone calls through some kind of terminal and laptop most likely testing the signal each provides in real world scenarios — the one phone not making a call is the iPhone which funnily enough, the Huawei employee (assuming it is a Huawei employee) is using.

All eyes will be on Huawei for several reasons in the coming weeks and months. Hopefully it all comes up smelling of roses for Huawei and not only can they get back to business as usual but produce yet another great flagship device in the Mate 30.

Source: Gizchina.
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Seriously if they do that ridiculous notch again…😅 Or maybe under cam if it’s ready in time