In just over two weeks Samsung will reveal their new Galaxy Note devices and they are getting extremely leaky the closer we are getting to the launch date. Yesterday we saw the specs leak and today we have seen more specs along with photos of the two Note 10 phones — well, dummies of them.

Slashleaks has published photos of the two Galaxy Note 10 phones side by side. While they reveal nothing new they confirm already known information and are the best looking images we have seen of it in real life. The phones are apparently dummies of the actual phones and thus cannot turn on but anyone who has been in a phone store lately knows that dummies have the exact same casing as the actual phone.

The images show the size difference between the Galaxy Note 10 and the Note 10 Plus models and it is significant. The Plus version looks to be a good centimetre longer and a few millimetres wider than the standard Note 10 — if this is correct it could open up a whole new market for the Galaxy Note 10 with many customers in the past baulking from it due to its size. A smaller version could be right up their alley — S-Pens for everyone.

The photos also show the fourth (apparent) ToF camera on the rear of the Galaxy Note 10 Plus. There is also some speculation surrounding the front facing camera on the Plus version with some suspecting that it will arrive with an oval cutout for dual front-facing cameras.

Evan Blass has also leaked some information which confirms the same information we saw yesterday:

While Evan tweets that the Note 10 will arrive with the Snapdragon 855+ it would surprise us greatly if that arrived here instead of an Exynos 9820 version. We have nearly always received the Exynos version of Samsung phones for a long time and can’t see that changing any time soon.

Whatever the case Samsung may as well come out and announce this phone now before ALL of it is revealed by the internet. It seems that there isn’t much left to know — what are you waiting on to find out?

Source: Slashleaks.