Samsung make great hardware and they market it well. Their near dominance of the Android platform is a very clear display of this. This quality of hardware extends to their wearable devices, the original Galaxy Watch impressed Chris when he reviewed it last year. Well there’s good news, the Galaxy Watch 2 Active is coming and the bezel is touch driven.

Android Community reported the details around the Galaxy Watch 2 Active and the expected feature set of the device.

This is the second generation of the fitness focussed variant from Samsung. An interesting change to the functions from SamMobile is the bezel becoming a touch interface vs the rotating controls we’re used to on previous models.

Like previous models of the Galaxy Watch, there will be 2 different sizes of watch: 40mm screen and a 44mm screen. The two models weigh in at 31g and 36g respectively.

Both offering Gorilla Glass DX+ over a 360 x 360 resolution screen. The aim here with the active model is to deal with the day to day rigours and beating that a normal wear decide wouldn’t necessarily survive.

The Watch Active 2 will be available in Aluminium or Stainless Steel options in black or silver colours.

Perhaps a little disappointing is the fact it’s running the same processor as its predecessor, the Exynos 9110. That being said, the Galaxy watch performed well, showing that the software is well optimised for the hardware.

If you’re so inclined, there are LTE options as well as standard Bluetooth connectivity and the battery options should see you through a couple of days with 340mAh and 247mAh available (needed dependent).

An addition that will undoubtedly be trying to keep up with the Apple watch is the health features. This includes fall detection and higher level heart monitoring than previous models.

Source: Andriod Community.
Source 2: SamMobile.