If you’re in the market for a true portable laser projector, then Epson has got you covered with its new EF-100 range of projectors. Why, might you ask, would you want one of these?

These projectors are pretty small – no longer than 23 cm on the longest edge – and with the port configuration, you can project onto walls, ceilings, or really any other flat surface with ease.

By using a laser light source and locating the vents and power inlet on the side, the engineers at Epson have developed a projector that is compact and can be placed and project in any direction. This gives users more flexibility as to what they can project onto such as a wall, ceiling or floor. It also has the capability to project up to 150 inches – ideal for supersizing content.

With a clever keystone auto picture adjustment feature, it doesn’t matter if the project isn’t aligned perfectly, as it’s able to compensate for this and deliver you a beautiful image adjusted for you. If you want some manual control, you can use the buttons on the projector itself, or use the included remote.

With HDMI inputs, you can plug in your DVD player, games console or whathaveyou, and streaming content is a breeze – just plug in a Chromecast, Apple TV or any other streaming media player.

For audio, you can use built-in 5W speakers, connect via Bluetooth to a soundbar, or plug in a wired pair of headphones – the choice is yours.

Weighing in at just 2.7kg, this is a portable projector you can take where you need it – carry it in your bag to get some content on the go, or take it round to a friend’s place for a movie night with a difference (provided they’ve got a nice white wall to use!

There is a price to pay for technology like this, and at $1,699 you might not consider the Epson EF-100 projector a cheap purchase. It isn’t. However, if you have a need for something like this, or if you’ve got some extra tax refund to spend on a damned cool toy, this might be a good option for you.



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2000 lumens is incredible brightness for a portable projector. Years ago I had a 3m pocket projector which I thought was cool for its size… it had 30 lumens of brightness and only 800 x 600 resolution. In a dark room, 30 lumens is actually okay. I’m seriously considering this Epson projector… just wish my wallet wasn’t so empty. Edit – okay after watching Epson promo video I see now this projector is definitely not “pocket size” it’s more like backpack size. Still cool, but I thought it was smaller. I’m still waiting for a pocket size projector with enough… Read more »

Craig Askings

Missing two very important items from that article. The resolution and brightness of the projector


Would be nice to know the life expectancy of the laser too.


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