We’ve already seen some pictures of the Galaxy Tab S6 and other information about the device. Like most Samsung devices that are about to launch, there’s not much left to know — or is there?

We already saw the device a couple of weeks ago. Ishan Agarwal today offers further details of the specs.

The big feature addition here is the “air mouse” feature of the S-Pen which reportedly doesn’t do the battery any favors.

Ishan’s follow up tweet to that above states:

It is to be noted that the Galaxy Tab S6 S-Pen can last almost 6 hours with a full charge but only 30 minutes with Air Gesture/Air Mouse features on. Yes, it seems to be consuming a lot of battery.

An interesting feature, but I’m not sure how many will actually use it. If the battery runtime is true, it’s not even enough to get you through a one-hour meeting or presentation.

The images also confirm another issue, with what appears to be a clip-in lock for the S-Pen to charge on the back of the device, making a book-style case troublesome. Hopefully Samsung has a clever solution – we think a large portion of users will want to put a case on their $700+ device to protect it.

The good news is that there are pogo pins previously confirmed so keyboards and charging docks will be around – and hopefully available at launch.

Source: Twitter (Ishan Agarwal).
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Daniel Narbett

Do we know what the ‘air mouse’ feature is? I mean the current pen can ‘hover’ – are we talking more hover range, or a scroll wheel or something…? : )