Commonwealth Bank has the number one banking app in Australia but that hasn’t stopped them wanting to improve it and today they have launched a major upgrade to it focusing on the needs of individual customers.

With over five million users the CommBank app 4.0 offers greater personalisation which each customer can set for themselves. It gives personal cash flow management combined with smart alerts, benefit finder, goal tracker and spend tracker with an aim at “keeping more money in customers’ wallets”.

The new app uses machine learning, “deep data analytics and behavioural science” to deliver these personalised smart banking features according to Angus Sullivan Group Executive at the Commonwealth Bank.

This year the CommBank app will send over 3 billion personalised messages to customers using 157 billion data points and 200 advanced machine learning models through our innovative customer engagement engine.

This is designed to give our 5.6 million app users greater control and visibility of their cash flow, including real-time insights into their spending behaviour to help them achieve their goals and improve their financial wellbeingAngus Sullivan, Group Executive of Retail Banking Services, Commonwealth Bank

With more and more people using digital banking each year (now at 7 million, up from 6.5 million last year) it is not surprising to see the Commonwealth Bank looking keep updating their app with the latest technologies.

If you are a CommBank customer head on over to the Play Store and grab the update today. Let us know what you think of it.

Price: Free
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I can only login with a pin! I always used my password CommBank, please fix?


Must be a staged rollout, cos I can’t get the new version yet.


I got it; the transfer and pay someone pages are blank, and the accounts page sits there “please wait”ing for ages; so far it hasn’t loaded.

The only other differences I can see so far is the design/colour scheme of the home page (the only other page I can sort of get to, accounts, looks exactly the same), and the option to change your background – yay.

Methinks it’s still half-baked :/. Can apps be rolled back?


Please upload to APK Mirror 🙂


I got it on Monday, which is nice and all but I only use it about once a month because I only have a home loan with them. I then got another update for it yesterday.