Google has confirmed it’s subscription service for apps is currently in active testing. Similar to services like Microsoft’s Game Pass on Xbox, or Sony’s PlayStation Plus, the service will charge a monthly fee for access to “hundreds of premium apps”. It’s also a mobile parallel to Google Stadia, an upcoming subscription service for video games.

According to screenshots acquired by Android Police, the catalogue ranges from fitness tracking to music apps and games. Google says Play Pass apps will be free of ads and in-app purchases, with the exception of “entertainment software”. Whether or not this includes games, which is probably the most notorious category for in-app purchases, is unclear. Google says that the catalogue of apps on offer is curated, so it’s possible that in-app purchases are unlocked on a case-by-case basis.

Pricing is said to be USD$4.99 per month, with a 10 day free trial on offer. Depending on your usage, this could either be a great deal or a terrible investment. Removing ads is a decent side benefit, though.

Apple is set to launch a similar service called Apple Arcade later in the year, with a more specific focus on games. Apple Arcade is expected to cost between USD$9.99 to USD$14.99 per month.

Does anyone here think they’ll get their USD$60 a year in value from Play Pass?

Source: Android Police.
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The “in-app purchases” included will no doubt be the one-off upgrades to remove ads… or the monthly subscription type things…

The various in-app purchases most commonly used like “gems” for CoC will of course NOT be included… as these are limitless – so cannot possibly be included… unless., perhaps you will get a set amount each month in each game??

I wonder how, then, the money will go back to the developers…??