August 8 cannot come quick enough. I bet you are getting sick of all the leaks and just want Samsung to announce the new Note phone to the world, with hopefully a few secrets revealed that were previously unknown.

Overnight yet another leak occurred with leaker @IceUniverse revealing a picture sent in by an anonymous leaker. For those who care the image of the Note 10+ was apparently taken with a yet-to-be-announced iPhone XR 2019. More importantly you can see the shape and the front of the Galaxy Note 10+.

As you can see in the image above the Galaxy Note 10+ has the single cutout of the Infinity-O display with the “O” looking to be particularly small. We have seen phones from Samsung with the Infinity-O display before but none with what appears to be such a small cutout.

Aside from the cutout not much else can be gleaned from this new in-the-wild picture aside from the standard boxy Galaxy Note shape. From previous leaks we expect the phone to arrive with a 6.8-inch AMOLED display, 4,300mAh battery, in Australia the Exynos 9825 chipset and a quad rear camera setup with a ToF sensor included.

With only eight days to go until the unveiling of the Galaxy Note 10 lineup you can be sure this will not be the last leak we see as they are obviously out in the wild already. Keep you eyes peeled if you want to see more but if you are sick of it and just want to hear it from Samsung on August 8, finger in ears with eyes covered because there will be more.

Source: @IceUniverse.