Smart Displays have not been around for long but you can see that Google see a big future in them with the way they are continuing to develop features on them. Google’s latest feature they are testing is the ability to move whatever is currently playing/Casting on one device to another Assistant device.

Users over at Reddit have found themselves with a new option that allows them to “Move to..” giving the option to move the audio that is playing to another specific device on the same network. For someone who is listening to something specific it is handy if they are moving to another room and want to continue listening in that room.

Tapping the ‘Move to..’ option on the Smart Display brings up a list of Assistant devices on the network that you can move the audio to to continue listening. At this stage there is no ‘Move’ command for voice-operated speakers but you would expect something like this to arrive in the future if Google permanently incorporated this functionality into their Smart Displays’ software.

We checked for the new feature on our Nest Hub and it has not arrived in this household just yet and it is unknown whether this is just a feature in testing or whether it is beginning a slow roll out to all users of fully functional, finished feature.

It is possible this feature will launch when the new Nest Hub Max launches in the coming weeks or months. Keep an eye out for it on your Smart Displays and let us know if you find it useful.

Source: Reddit.
Via: 9to5Google.
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Jeni Skunk

Even though I don’t have a need for smart displays, I can see just how handy this feature will be.