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[UPDATE] Some Redditors are saying that Fossil Australia have leaked the new smartwatch on their website but considering it is Monday here it is not a leak but a well-timed web-page launch. The new site for the Fossil Gen 5 smartwatches gives very little details from the leak we saw yesterday — and you cannot buy it just yet. The smartwatches do have a speaker, they do have 8GB of storage space and a new battery efficient heart rate sensor. No further specs are listed but you can see some different colourways — black with rose gold bezel, all black and a silver/titanium colour.

Fossil Group make some great smartwatches, some of the best designed smartwatches on the market but unfortunately they are held back by the slow treacle-inspired OS that is WearOS. They are looking to continue their top notch designs and hopefully improve WearOS as much as humanly possible with new smartwatches coming tomorrow according to a new leak.

We were alerted to a thread over at Reddit that showed off what is apparently the new smartwatches set to be unveiled by Fossil on Monday. The new fifth generation Android Wear/WearOS smartwatches from Fossil are the first in what is set to be a whole lineup by the end of August. The user shared not just an image of the two watches coming Monday but also some expected specs.

The specs mentioned in the thread show that the new generation Fossil smartwatches will be getting a decent spec bump with the new specs expected to include 8GB of onboard storage, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 3100, a mic/speaker combo, 1GB of RAM, 328PPI display with an included heart rate sensor.

The big ticket item here for the improvement is the RAM. The Snapdragon 3100 has not been the WearOS saviour we all hoped it would be but the doubling of the RAM in the Ticwatch Pro 4G has led to a marked improvement in the OS. Hopefully the RAM increase is the magic bullet we have all been hoping for.

Adding credibility to this leak is an official teaser released by Fossil that gives nothing at all away but does mention that something is “coming soon”.

We expect to see more details emerge on Monday US time and with the Redditor revealing that more are arriving towards the end of August we can also hope that this includes the entire Fossil Group range — I will be first in line to purchase a Diesel 3.0 with these specs.

Source: Reddit.

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Andrew Lyons
Ausdroid Reader
Andrew Lyons

Hopefully better than the last line of crap they bought out…. Sport.
Watch doesn’t even display caller details before the call has finishing ringing, laggy and slow.

Ausdroid Reader

You just saved me from giving in a buying a Gen4 Explorist Q 😀

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