This week is set to be a big one for Samsung with the Galaxy Note 10 announcement and the Galaxy Watch Active2 just days before. With the new active smartwatch expected to arrive Monday US time some renders have arrived showing it in various colours.

Evan Blass has leaked out his usual high quality official renders that show three different casings and six different band types/styles. The first image shows the new Samsung smartwatch from all angles, including the rear which reveals something confusing. Instead of the name Active2, which is what we expect this watch to be, it has the name “Samsung Galaxy Watch” written there. The watch is still the Active2 but the Active2 fits into the whole lineup of Samsung Galaxy watches hence the inscription.

The second image Evan shared with the Twitter-sphere is one showing off a rose gold casing, a silver casing and what appears to be a gunmetal grey casing. Each of these is fitted with a different band be it a leather band or a plastic band in various colours and styles. You can be sure that there will be more than this on offer for those willing to fork out a few more dollars for an official accessory.

The Galaxy Active2 in these leaked images has what we expect to be a digital rotating bezel to navigate the smartwatch’s OS along with two buttons, a speaker, a microphone and a heart rate sensor.

Aside from these cosmetic features not much else is known about this new smartwatch but if it works as good as it looks you can bet it will be a great smartwatch. We will of course bring you all the details as soon as it is announced so stay tuned for that this week — 5th US time makes it the 6th AEST.

Source: Evan Blass.
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Having just finally ditched the Apple ecosystem for Samsung’s I’m excited to try one of these out. Currently missing my Apple Watch and was tempted by a Fitbit

Jamie S

I recently bought a Galaxy Watch LTE 46cm on Telstra for $23 per month. Great battery life and you can leave your phone at home with Telstra one number for $5 extra per month with no lock in contract

Jamie S

BTW I’m curious, what made you ditch Apple?