Mintt is an Australian smartphone manufacturer that’s releasing a range of budget-friendly devices to the Australian market. We’ve got a lot of competition in this space locally, but with a number of success stories it seems there’s always room for more players offering quality products and value for money – and that’s what we think Mintt’s going to bring you.

The company has been operating in nearby overseas markets for a while, but is finally ready to bring its products to market here with sales recently commencing on their website, and a major promotional campaign set to begin tonight on TV where you’ll see their phones featured on Nine’s returning home renovation series The Block.

Mintt’s aim is to deliver consumers the latest features at the most affordable prices, and that’s reflected in their product range that starts at $179 and tops out with a triple-camera-toting option at just $400.

Mintt smartphones offer all the sleek styling, quality and features Australians have
told us they want, at a price they can afford. There is no compromise.

Damian Ames, Mintt General Manager

The phones certainly look the part for a 2019 smartphone range, with various screen size options, full screen displays with waterdrop notches, rear-mounted fingerprint sensors, dual cameras and some vibrant finishes with splashes of colour.

CoolMintt Duo 3 – $179

Every phone in the range is 4G with dual-SIM, and you’ll get some above-average specs for your hard-earned with even the cheapest device (the CoolMintt DUO3) featuring 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage with microSD support.

You’ll also get a case for the phone in the box, which is a neat touch we love to call out (and a pro-consumer move we wish more manufacturers would adopt).

The phone that’s generated the most interest around Ausdroid is the UltraMintt Y3 ($399), with its 6.3-inch Full HD+ waterdrop notched display, a whopping great 4,050 mAh battery with quick charge and even offers wireless charging.

UltraMintt Y3 – $399

The Y3 packs a MediaTek Helio P60 processor with 4GB RAM and 64GB storage (+microSD) inside. There’s a fingerprint sensor and three cameras on the back – 20MP, 16MP and 5MP – and the camera software has its own night mode built in.

Stepping down to half that, $199 gets you a CoolMintt A3, a 6-inch HD+ display, 3GB RAM and 32GB storage (+microSD), 3,000 mAh battery, fingerprint sensor and a dual camera system (13MP/0.3MP) with effects and filters.

CoolMintt A3 – $199

Support and updates

Mintt provides local customer support via their website. The phones all carry a 2 year warranty (as you’d expect under Australian consumer law), and no-cost device return through Australia Post should you have problems.

The phones (with one exception) are all running Android 9.0 Pie, although it’s not a Google-y Android One distribution, so we’ve already grilled Mintt on the issue of platform and security updates for you.

Mintt is committed to distributing security updates. They’re bundled up into releases on a 6-monthly cycle which isn’t bad considering the segment of the market we’re addressing here (and better than even some premium manufacturers). Additionally, they’ve committed to releasing an Android 10.0 update for the Y3.

Available Now

We’ll have a Mintt Y3 on the review bench shortly, but on paper at least we’re impressed with the bang for buck offered by Mintt’s devices.

Mintt makes no bones about its features, specs and pricing. They’re focused at the value end of the market where we’ve seen a lot of Alcatel, Oppo, Huawei and Nokia devices in the past, and even some other entrants from the likes of Kogan.

Each of its competitors has had success shifting units in our local market, and Mintt’s bringing some great value for money with the added benefit of being locally owned and headquartered.

You can buy Mintt phones (and some headphones and Bluetooth speakers) on the company’s website right now – head over to … and check them out on your TV on The Block if you’re so inclined.

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    You have had the Y3 on the review bench for over a month now. Where is the review please?


    guys. lets not forget EVERYTHING is made in China

    Mintt is no different.


    If only a company would answer their phones when customers tries to call them. No a good start – AT ALL ! !


    If only a company would answer their phones when customers tries to call them. No a good start – AT A L L ! !


    On August 6th the Mintt General Manager, Damian Ames, explained these phones they are selling in Australia are the same ones they sell in PNG. How could this possibly be an Australian company or product in any way shape or form?

    Carsten Bauer

    So are they actually made in Australia? Or just the company is Aussie?


    Made in China 100%


    These phones are double the price of the phone of the equivalent specs from gearbest the company is misleading customers into thinking there “aussie” when there pretty much drop shipping phones what a joke!


    Sponsorship on this years Block seems to have changed quite a bit; Samsung is out and Mintt is in, Maccas is out and Lite N Easy is in, Suzuki left a few years ago and were never replaced.

    Hopefully the use of Mintt and Hipages isn’t just another challenge for the Blockheads to overcome..! 😛


    These phones are 100% Chinese made and not Australian as advertised 🙁


    Lack of Android One means I won’t recommend the phone.

    Curious to know if microSD card shares the slot with the second SIM or if the phone supports dual SIM plus a microsSD card at same time.

    Max Luong

    Sadly, 6-monthly security updates means that I’ll be recommending Nokia phones to my friends and family instead of these.

    Dave S

    It’s not obvious if any of their phones have NFC?


    I’m sure with them being featured on The Block every feature will be spoken about in someway or another haha.


    Haha “I love using my Mintt phone to access Hipages!” while stuffing their face with Lite N Easy

    Murdo McRae

    The Y3 has NFC capability