If you’re the adventurous or active lifestyle kind of person, then you’ve probably invested in an action camera at some stage. By a significant margin, GoPro are the go-to in this realm. They regularly update their hardware, they have varying capabilities and pricing to suit most budgets. One area often overlooked in the purchasing process is the supporting software. GoPro have decided to go full send on mobile video editing capabilities.

The updated GoPro app brings a huge number of changes allowing you to download your video to your phone, edit as you wish and share it faster to your chosen platform.

GoPro app users will immediately notice design updates, from a visual refresh and a more modern UI to a more intuitive navigation. But the real fun begins with the updates to the storytelling experience, with an improved QuikStory multi-clip workflow, which enables the GoPro app to better identify meaningful moments in your footage and suggest awesome story compilations of your photos and videos, automatically.

There’s also additional filters that you can overlay to your videos adding effects to enhance the viewing experience for users and viewers alike. Previously this was something of a limitation with singular filter options only available to any given video.

Regular users will see that the draft capabilities have also been enhanced including the QuickStory video that is compiled for you and now “always editable”.

GoPro note that there’s a lot more updates to come in the future following their merge with Quick:

Including single clip editing to unlock a full editing suite for single clips, new themes to make your photos and videos look more like the content that GoPro produces, and expanded platforms for integrating third-party content into GoPro edits.

I’ll be giving this a closer look when I next get the chance to get out on my bike. The update on paper offers huge opportunity to share your adventures in a more creative way in near real time so if you have a GoPro head on out and check it out.

Source: GoPro Blog.