In just under 24 hours Samsung will take to the stage in New York City to tell us everything we already know about their new flagship, the Galaxy Note 10. Overnight DroidLife have managed to get their hands on some marketing material which confirm some details we already knew and provide some new insights into the new Samsung phone.

Samsung are going to be marketing the phone as a computer in your pocket with its ability to become a desktop PC, a gaming console and even a film studio. This is nothing new but it indicates where Samsung are looking to set themselves apart from the myriad of competitors.

There are renders of the new Note 10 and Note 10+ showing the display sizes of 6.3-inch and 6.8-inc respectively as well as some on the smallest bezels we have ever seen in a phone. There is of course that hole punch in the centre at the top of the device for the front facing camera but that is smaller than we have seen in other phones.

The new S-Pen will indeed have the air gestures we have seen rumoured before now and while it is unclear just what these gestures are Samsung are making a big deal of it so expect them to at least do something useful. You will once again be able to use the S-Pen to take pictures with its button acting as a shutter button.

The closest thing to a magic want for your smartphone

Samsung are once again including their fast charging solution but there are no actual specifications to its capabilities but after the fiasco of a Note gone by you can expect it to be relatively conservative.

Samsung jumped back to the top of the smartphone camera heap with the Galaxy S10 Plus and S10 5G so you can expect them to continue this with the Note 10 with new lenses in the Plus model along with better software and microphones for recording audio.

The above images that DroidLife have managed to get hold of look to be the official marketing material for the Note 10 so we expect to see these features “revealed” tomorrow morning. Hopefully Samsung have something else up their sleeve, especially for those of us who will be getting up early to watch the live stream of the event.

[UPDATE] Evan Blass has also Tweeted out some official renders of the Note 10. See below:

Source: DroidLife.
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Tango India Mike

I’m hoping the smaller model has 5G and not just the 10 Plus with the Note release. Keen to try out 5G but like the smaller form factor.


Samsung will be producing a 5G Note 10 for the Korean market only (at this stage), according to The Verge website. Not sure if you can import and use this model?