While its ability to license Android in the future remains somewhat unclear, it seems Huawei is moving forward with new handset designs and the Mate 30 is expected to arrive later this year. As is usual before mobile releases, detailed designs are shared with trusted accessory manufacturers to allow them to make cases and such for the new phones at launch.

Thanks to Slashleaks (via KTM Mobile), we’ve got some images created from such designs for the upcoming Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro, and I am – at the very least – intrigued.

The images show that the main phone has rounded edges (perhaps more rounded than the current Mate 20 and P30 lines), with three image sensors and a flash on the rear. This isn’t new, but the design is – instead of all the lenses in a row, or in a square camera module, on the Mate 30 series that camera module will be rounded, and it looks great.

The front panel shows somewhat less, but demonstrates slim bezels with a reasonably wide notch at the top, housing a front camera, earpiece and a number of other sensors. It’s not clear what’s here, but the width of the notch says we’re looking at three various sensors.

The in-screen fingerprint sensor from the Mate 20 and P30 series comes back for the Mate 30, and with the improvements in this technology, we expect its operation to be pretty well flawless. As with prior year models, the Mate 30 series won’t come with a headphone jack, with the Chinese manufacturer opting instead for a USB-C to 3.5mm adaptor likely in the box.

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Wish they would make a Mate 30X that would be sold in Australia unlike the 20X.. Love the huge size


Nice, i want to own one.