Living in Australia is awesome, unless you want a decent broadband connection or the latest in technology. It seems Fossil would like to fix one of those problems. Speaking with Fossil Australia, they have confirmed that in addition to their new Generation 5 Wear OS smartwatch already being available online in Australia, it will hit our bricks and mortar stores this month.

Fossil has a large retail presence in Australia, distributing via their own chain of stores, large department stores and more recently electronics stores such as JB Hi-Fi and Harvey Norman. Fossil has confirmed that the Gen 5 watches will be available from August 22nd via Australian retail channels.

We’re still waiting for confirmation about which retail outlets will stock the new Gen 5 Smartwatch, but we’re sure that Fossil stores are a safe bet to start with. We’re very taken with the Fossil Gen 5 especially seeing as it’s the first 1GB Wear OS device legitimately sold in Australia, and are more than a little excited to give it a go.

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Steve McGrath

I’m unable to buy one inline. They’re not mentioned in the Fossil or Amazon stores. Any news on why?


It’s much quicker. I had a Ticwatch Pro and wouldn’t use Google Pay as it was too slow to change cards, it’s silky smooth on the 5th Gen. It’s still has some little lags here and there but for the most part it’s super smooth, and the screen resolution is spot on. Nice inky blacks and vivid colours.
I’m happy that I got it.

Paul. Jermalonek

I bought one on the 6th of August in a Brisbane fossil store and they only had got them in that day. So far I haven’t noticed any lag in the watch operating system whatsoever, great watch.

David Clarke

Hope AudDroid do a full review, on my shortlist!


Still feeling the burn after purchasing the Sport.
Absolute piece of junk.
Went back to my old Explorist, even though it doesn’t have Google pay or HR monitor it still out performs the Sport by far. Plus it has bigger screen.
Will take a while to they passed this.

Philip Clark

I returned my Sport after 2 months, just bought a Galaxy Watch to replace it, thrilled with it and happy to be off Android Wear.


I already picked up one of these from a Fossil store in Macquarie Park, Sydney last week – although they had limited stock and were almost sold out.


I bought a 5th Gen from the Fossil store at Parramatta on Saturday (10th August) so they are already available.


People who have bought this already, please care to share your feedback.