Klipsch produce some amazing equipment in the audio arena. Their latest addition to an already impressive speaker lineup, The Three with Google Assistant continues that pathway.

The 60 watts continuous power output results in a mind (and eardrum) blowing 106dB capacity out of the 34.82cm x 17.78cm x 20.3cm speakers but it’s a hefty setup weighing in at 4.7kg so you’ll want to find a permanent home for it and leave it put.

Where The Three stands out among the competition is in three key areas. One is the audio output capacity already mentioned, the second is the Bluetooth connectivity which seems far too rare in a very competitive marketplace. The streaming capacity isn’t limited to Google Assistant based functions either, The Three speakers have built in Chromecast functionality.

Finally the eye catching design really does make The Three an option for buyers across all walks of life, sadly though – the price is quite likely to take it out of reach of many: $999.00 makes this not just a spur of the moment buy, but an investment that needs to work for you and your lifestyle for some time to come.

Given these factors and the “hipster-approved” tag as part of the marketing, it seems clear that this isn’t intended to be a speaker for every user — more aimed at the studio apartment-living, coffee-sipping hipsters who buy what’s cool because it’s cool.

Hipster talk aside, the audio capabilities on paper are impressive and would likely rival any high end streaming speaker currently on the market. My only question: is the big bang Klipsch are offering worth the big bucks you have to pay?