The ROG phone 2 is a serious piece of hardware, offering crazy speed and bleeding edge specs. Leading the charge is the 6000mAh battery and 49ms touch latency on the screen which will be a blessing for anyone using touch screen controls on fast paced games.

Unlike many manufacturers, Asus have seemingly recognised that their top end hardware is going to attract the attention of users who tinker. Potentially to avoid device returns, they’ve made available a tool to unlock the bootloader, the Kernel source code and factory firmware for the device. Great news all round, right?

Well, not all good news. Keep in mind some of the dangers and issues users will face by doing this. Starting with a factory reset of your device after unlocking the bootloader which then allows the modding pathways to begin. If you’re unlocking the bootloader because you can, you’re also disabling OTA updates.

Making the Kernel source available means the modding community are probably already hard at work creating custom ROMs for the device. Watch this space, there’s surely more to come!

Source: Asus.