We have been stuck with lithium-ion batteries for a while now and although we have been hoping for newer technology to help us get through those heavy use days it has not been forthcoming. Samsung though is said to be pushing the envelope and preparing graphene batteries for use in the not-so distant future.

According to perennial leaker Evan Blass Samsung are preparing a graphene battery to arrive in a phone either next year or the year after. The graphene battery will be capable for charging to full from empty in under 30 minutes but at this stage they do not have the capacity at a usable level without the costs increasing too much.

Graphene batteries have been talked about for a while and are considered the next step in mobile batteries due to their faster charge times, higher capacities, lighter and are flexible. With flexible displays now in use and launched shortly a flexible battery will open up a world of possibilities for mobile devices.

While we doubt there will be a Samsung device with a graphene battery next year something in 2021 is definitely enticing.

What do you have in mind for the best use of a graphene battery? A wristband smartphone?

Source: @evleaks.
Via: DroidLife.
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Probably less flammable too.


Sounds good , cannot come soon enough , bring it on Sammy .
The main question I think will be ,
How much more expensive will Graphene batteries cost ?
Even if Graphene works amazing , if it costs 3 times as much as lithium to manufacture , that might put a damper on it imo .


As hopeful as I am, I’m mashing X to doubt.