Based on Google Android Smart Things platform the Lenovo Smart Clock was released earlier this year and received a lot of plaudits. It is essentially a Google Home with a 4 inch display and a charging port.

For a limited time (until Father’s Day most likely) you can pick up a Lenovo Smart Clock for just $99 from Lenovo, including shipping — that’s 23% off the usual price.

The small bedside clock allows you to not only control all your smart devices using everyone’s favourite digital assistant (Google Assistant) but also can act as a Cast target and play podcasts, music etc. As a bedside clock it is quite possibly the future responding to voice commands with an ability to display news, weather, various camera feeds and more.

The Lenovo Smart Clock will ship within two business days and does so with free shipping included in the price of the clock — other Lenovo suppliers apparently also have it for $99 if you manage to track one of them down.

If you or someone you know (possibly even your Father) needs a new bedside alarm clock why not grab them one of these before the sale finishes on Father’s Day.

Thanks: Jamie.
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Reminds me of a Chumby but not as cute.


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