You may feel like it was barely yesterday when OPPO released the Reno into the world and if you do you may be right. The Reno was released into Australia on May 30 of this year and just three months later they are set to announce the Reno2 to the world.

According to the official Reno Twitter account they will be announcing and launching the OPPO Reno2 in New Delhi on August 28. The Reno first edition was first announced in China on April 10 which makes this new announcement just under five months. The fact that it took a while for them to bring the Reno to market (anywhere, not just Australia) makes the delay seem even shorter.

There are quite a few rumours circulating around the Reno2 with it expected to arrive with the same shark-fin popup camera — this time with a 48MP main camera, a 13MP telephoto lens, an 8MP superwide angle lens and a 2MP depth of field lens. Yes a quad rear camera setup which does not seem to include a periscopic lens — that didn’t last long if true. Somehow though the phone will come with 20x zoom according to the launch teasers sent out by OPPO.

Whether the Reno2 receives the same high end specs that the Reno did is unclear but if it does expect it to arrive with a Snapdragon 855+, a bucketload of RAM, an in-display fingerprint sensor underneath an AMOLED display, all packed within a beautiful package.

In under two weeks we will see what OPPO bring with the new Reno2. In the end it may not actually be available for a few weeks making it 5-6 months since the Reno gen 1 was available. It is not unusual for a smartphone company to release two flagship phones per year — afterall OPPO are a top 5 smartphone manufacturer and other manufacturers do it (eg. Samsung, Huawei, OnePlus, Google), why shouldn’t they?

There is also the possibility this could be an India-only phone given that their Chinese social media has been silent on it and you would expect them to make any new phone announcement in China first — unless it is not going to be released there at all.

If we do see a OPPO Reno2 with improved specs I hope they bring something new to the party other than a depth of field sensor.

Source: OPPO.