We’re very lucky at Ausdroid to have opportunity to play with the latest and greatest hardware on a regular basis. This extends to Chromebooks and specifically, ChromeOS and its development over the last couple of years. As the user base has expanded, the functionality has grown. So with the latest update a number of changes were delivered.

Media Playback is one of the big changes with the ability to control sound for tabs or apps from a single point. Let me rub a sore spot for many… Ever had sound coming from your laptop and been unable to locate which f***ing tab the music is coming from? That’s not an issue anymore, opening the system menu will show you all apps and tabs producing sound.

A bugbear of mine is the notification handling in ChromeOS. It’s been functional but pretty clunky for a while, but the update has brought it into line with Android. Handling notifications has now got the option to clear all with a single click.

it’s now easier for you to check and clear notifications from Play Store apps on your Chromebook. Starting this month, easily dismiss your notifications with the “Clear all” button.

Finally the camera… Yes camera on a ChromeOS. I don’t know anyone who has done this, but you can now take “great photos” on your ChromeOS device. This is seemingly targeted at Pixel Slate users since that’s a tablet form factor, but there is added functionality in the camera. Ultimately this means that Selfies can be easily cropped and accessed.

We’ll be spending some time with the update to also have a bit more of an in-depth look at virtual desktops.
This function allows users to segment different areas and apps to keep screen work-space clean and avoid distraction.

Source: Google Chromebook Blog.
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John B. Kendrick

Clear all has been in the notifications panel for a good while. The only difference now is that clear all is available without scrolling past the last notification. To me the clear all at the bottom makes more sense as I like to scan my notifications before clearing them. But to each his or her own. J


Any idea of when we might see the updated version roll out?

Daniel DAmbrosio

I’ve had my Pixelbook for quite a few months now and I love it more and more every day. All of these QOL improvements Google has made to ChromeOS is slowly making more and more attractive even to traditional Windows users. Keep it up Google!

Lunar Blaze

As long as I can get steam, roblox and Wacom on my chrome book, I will be happy