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WanderSafe is an Australian developed app that helps prevent attacks on vulnerable people.

The free app works as a loud alarm and bright light, along with features for SOS messages sent with GPS coordinates to other people on the phone’s contact list.

Voice assistants now allow the app to be activated with voice commands. A custom passphrase is created, the app will trigger sending the SOS message.

WanderSafe developer Stephanie Rodriguez suggests the phrase should be something that wouldn’t normally come up in normal conversation so as to prevent false alarms. Using the SOS is as simple as opening your platform’s voice assistant, and saying the passphrase. The app will then unlock the phone, open up WanderSafe and send out the messages automatically.

Other important data is available through the app, like unsafe areas and streets based on prior incidents.

The app is available now and works in 50 countries, including Australia.

WanderSafe Beacon
WanderSafe Beacon
Developer: JOZU for WOMEN INC
Price: Free+
Via: Business Insider.

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“Using the SOS is as simple as opening your platform’s voice assistant, and saying the passphrase.”

Finding the button to activate the Assistant, and then reciting the secret phrase, might be a bit difficult if someone has just grabbed you from behind.

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