Sonos is possibly the biggest name in audio streaming. The brand has been around longer than most of the competitors, offers excellent sound at a price that represents investment but also good value. A couple of weeks ago we heard that Sonos might be bringing a Bluetooth portable speaker out, and now it’s all but confirmed.

An event scheduled for the end of the month has been confirmed, and now leaks have shown us the expected Bluetooth portable speaker. Expected to be named “Sonos Move”, and sporting a similar look to the Sonos One.

There’s enough images out now to accept that these leaks are pretty likely what we’re going to see. So on that – thank you Sonos, for offering USB C charging on the portable speaker. WinFuture has brought us a new image that matches previous leaks but also reveals the dock for easy “drop in” charging while you’re at home.

Sonos has seemingly accepted that users want a smart assistant in their speakers these days. In recognition o this, the Sonos Move offers Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa.

We will know the full truth in due course, and once released we’ll be aiming to get Australian price and availability ASAP.

Source: WinFuture.
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“represents investment but also good value.”.. yeh nah that sounds like commercial endorsement. Saying it’s expensive but good value is a contradiction. Just say it like it is. Sonos stuff is expensive. Value is not something normally associated with this brand, particularly because you’re locked into their ecosystem and app for most of their products. Meaning you still might be unable to play the music from a device easily once you spend all that money.


Did Sonos fix the broken Cast function that plagued its other speakers? And what about Voice Match? Has Sonos fixed that, or is it still broken?


Who knows what you are even talking about.