There are a lot of entry-level phones in the market place and these entry-level phones lack the power required to run a lot of the more complex apps. That was why Google introduced Android Go, a lightweight OS of pure Google Android designed to run as smoothly on an entry-level phone as the full version does on a flagship.

Google have also made Go apps where they are lightweight versions of their own apps with much of the same abilities. Google Go is one of them. It is Google’s search engine that “helps you access information, online and in the word around you, even with an unstable connection”.

It uses less memory and storage than the full version helping the phone stay fast and smooth. Google Go is not new and has been available in some countries and on Android Go since 2017 but from today it is available worldwide on the Play Store.

Google Go includes Lens allowing you to read, translate and search the words you see using your camera. It also includes an AI-powered “read-out-loud feature” allowing you to listen to any web page.

Google Go uses just 7MB of storage on your device while offering a powerful search engine, with Lens which can come in very handy travelling to foreign countries with spotty internet coverage. It also places web versions of your favourite apps “at your fingertips” to save space on your device.

Google Go is available on the Play Store globally now for all devices running Lollipop and above. While it has limited us her ein Australia it may come in very handy when travelling overseas so keep it in mind but beforehand why not go and check it out.

Google Go
Google Go
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free
Source: Google Blog.