It seems that Wear OS is having its annual update cycle, perhaps ahead of IFA next month in Berlin, and Casio is the latest to announce their newest Wear OS device: the outdoor-focused WSD-F21HR. While Casio won’t get many points for the name if you’re an outdoor enthusiast this device may just interest you.

Firstly the watch is packing a 1.32-inch flat tyre style LCD display with a 320×300 resolution, yep flat tyre displays are apparently still a thing. It also sports a GPS, Optical heart rate sensor, compass, altitude sensor, accelerometer, MIL-STD-810G and a gyromoter, everything the outdoorsy type may need.

What’s powering it you say? Well, we have no idea, Casio has never put the tech specs first but in this instance, they’ve outright skipped them. While we can’t be sure we wouldn’t be surprised to see it packing an SD 2100 Wear, 512GB of RAM and 4GB of storage.

This isn’t a tech-first product, it’s designed to bring a little tech to the outdoors, so if you’re interested in the outdoors life and want a little Wear OS on the go this may be the choice you’ve been looking for.

Casio doesn’t market their smartwatches in a big way Downunder, but you can get them via online retailers so if you’re looking for a Mil-Spec rugged watch this may be for you.

Source: Casio.
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Wow! 512gb of ram?! /s


There is a typo in your ram estimate pretty sure you mean 512mb not 512gb


I’m keen for a new wear watch & would prefer it to be the ourdoorsy type but want to get the latest specs so I’m not updating again in a year’s time. I’m heading to Japan at the end of the year so figure I might be able to get something there that I can’t here.