The continued push from YouTube Music into our lives continues. A few days ago, we noted that there are some issues with Google’s music pathway and some suggestions on how to fix it. The addition of an integration with Waze is an interesting step that seems aimed at competing head on with the king of the streaming market, Spotify.

The rollout has already begun for YouTube Music and Music Premium subscribers. You’ll now be able to access your chosen music app within the Waze app at a single touch.

That’s all of your music, playlists and customised mixes. The YouTube Blog outlines just how simple it is to get started:

  • Open the Waze app
  • Tap the music note icon to select YouTube Music as your audio app, and start enjoying your audio content directly from Waze.
  • Don’t see the music note icon? Head to Settings > Audio Player to turn on “Show Audio Player”

While the integration is a great addition to avoid the potential distractions of changing tracks, there are risks. It’s worth noting that depending on where you live – touching your phone at all in the cabin of your vehicle while driving has the potential to get you a pretty serious fine and demerit points. So probably best to stick with voice control and if you’re unsure about this, check your state legislation or check in with a local Police station.

Source: YouTube Blog.
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Dylan Jones

But not Google Maps…