When Google announced their first Assistant-powered Smart Clock in association with Lenovo there was one feature that was definitely missing, photo album support. Today Google has corrected that oversight officially announcing that an update is coming to the device.

Over the next week Lenovo Smart Clock owners will get the ability to display images from their Google Photos library (or featured photos from a stock Google library) just like on the larger Smart Displays. Once rolled out you should be able to set this up via the Google app.

The other feature that’s tagging along for the ride in the update is the roll out of continued conversation support for Smart Clocks. Continued conversation allow you to issue a followup request or command to your Assistant without having to use the wake word.

While it’s a small update overall, it’s big news that Smart Clocks now support image display. We have a Lenovo Smart Clock in for review now, so we will hold off with that until we can test the new feature.

Source: Google.
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Gary Bath

Nice move. Google photos is often overlooked on screen devices. No native app for Android TV. Casting is a bit hit and miss with Photos app.

Google Photos is also missing from Ambient Mode on many Android TV devices like Xiaomi mi box and Sony TVs.

These small annoyances add up.