With Android Q getting closer, Google’s push to have dark mode apps continues and Google Pay is the latest one to be updated.

With the latest version – 2.96.264233179 to be precise – Google Pay respects the system dark mode flag which is available in the latest versions of Android. Unlike some other Google apps, though, there’s no manual switch for dark mode, so you have to be on Android Pie or Q to see the feature.

It’s not fully black, as some will observe, but a very dark gray / blue arrangement and frankly it looks pretty good:

The implementation is neat and clean, with dark mode in all facets of the app. Granted, Google Pay’s app isn’t one that people will likely use all that often, but if you’re in a darker environment, you won’t have to bear the brunt of a bright white glare any longer.

The update is rolling out via Google Play at the moment, but if you’re impatient, you can grab it at APK Mirror today.

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Google Wallet
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