With Fathers Day just around the corner, there’s always a few good deals to be found and as we posted last week there is a sale on over at Lenovo that’s pretty good if you’ve been thinking of getting a Lenovo Smart Display.

We loved the Lenovo Smart Display when we reviewed it, you can get the $399 Lenovo Smart Display 10″ for just $279 and the $299 Lenovo Smart Display 8″ for only $199. We’ve checked with most of Lenovos major retails partners and they all seem to be offering the same or similar deals.

The Lenovo Smart Clock which we just published our review of, yes we loved that too, is also on sale until Father’s Day. You can get the $129 Lenovo Smart Clock for $99. Unfortunately, the deal we saw last week with a bundled Smart Switch and Bulb from Lenovo has finished up.

If you want one of these or you’re looking for a fun Father’s Day gift you could do a lot worse than one of these.

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I have the ten inch Lenovo smart screen , they are pretty good imo , i wouldnt mind a couple more of them around the house .

Alex Lopez


Under $85 if you pickup in store at your local TGG.


I’m surprised you guys don’t have an article reporting on the Alcatel v Mintt news.com.au exclusive yet…