+ Friday December 6th, 2019

With the impending launch of the Nest Hub Max looming on the horizon it seems Google is preparing the Google App on your phone to play nicely with the new device. With the launch of the Nest Hub Max, Smart Displays will pick up a new feature, Face Match, allowing personalised content and responses based on face recognition.

Some users, ourselves included are now seeing a new setting on the Assistant tab in the Google App to set up the new feature. If you jump in to the Google Assistant setting you may now see “Face Match” as an option. Mash on the button and you’ll get the below UI.

Unfortunately the set up only works if you have a Nest Hub Max on your local network and they’re not released yet! With the Nest Hub Max due to release in just a few weeks internationally it’s not surprising to see Google preparing the background services needed.

Our big question is will other Assistant Smart Displays with cameras such as the JBL and Lenovo Smart Displays also be getting the new Face Matching options or will Google keep it just for their flagship product? Of course with Face Matching for the Nest Hub Max occurring on-device with their inbuilt AI and security it may be a stretch for other smart displays to perform the same functionality.

Only time will tell!

Source: 9to5Google.

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