+ Friday December 6th, 2019

Following Android’s recently updated branding, it would seem logos for Android Auto, Android TV and Android One will receive a refresh in their branding also.

The updated branding or logos have followed the style of the recent Android rebranding which saw a new font and colour tweaking and while the new logo branding changes are pretty minimal, they are still significant to us Android fans.

For example, the Android TV logo ditches its original green colour it was previously using for the Android name and instead now uses an all-white font. The newly updated Android Auto also does the same.

The newly updated Android One logo has some tweaks made to it, though still the same two-toned similar logo we have become used to. However this time, “Android” name is now a less bold and ditches the mainly all green and white colours for a dark blue and uses the new Android green to fill in the word “One.”

It is understood that these changes occurred over the last few days but exact time frame of the updates is unclear at this stage.

What do you think of the updated logos/branding? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: 9to5 Google.

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