We all love those autoplay videos that blaze music or voices out of your PC without you wanting them to. Often the worst part is trying to figure out which tab in your browser is creating the noise to shut it up or close it. Well Google have seen that as a way to get more content in front of users eyes and are bringing the function to the Play Store for developers.

Being enabled now, developers can use this functionality to get more of their content in front of users eyes to (hopefully) sell their products. As a very smart move from Google they’re looking to developers to remove the monetisation from these videos as part of the move forward. The Play Console help page has great instructions for developers to achieve the required end state as well.

There is the added bonus here for Google that YouTube views are likely to be increased but the question is, how many users will it turn off?

Source: XDA Developers.
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Jeni Skunk

How to drive users to employ systemwide ad blocking.


how many users will it turn off?…All of us! F(#$* Off Google.