With Android 10 being officially released today we were expecting Google to unveil their new Android statue, and they have with tweet from David Burke. As promised the new statue features a 10 and an Android head in the new colour to boot.

Without further delay, here it is:

Starting this year Google is also kicking of a new tradition allowing all of the engineers and partners who worked on Android 10 to sign the statue. Looking at the statue you can already see the white 10 has been adorned with signature and markings.

We love the Android statue tradition and for those of us who visit Mountain View it’s a must do pilgrimage to stand in the Android Garden. Unfortunately the years have not been kind to some of the fiberglass constructions, we wonder how long those signatures will last in the hot California sun.

Source: Twiter.
Via: 9to5google.
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Looks ughly

Booooo, bring back the desserts.