While the talk about the Mate 30 series centres on whether the new phone from Huawei will be able to run Android, and if so, Google’s services, Huawei is keen to keep the P30 series in people’s minds as well.

At IFA 2019 this week, advertising material around the Messe Berlin venue shows that Huawei will announce two new colour variants for the P30 Pro range, called Misty Lavender and Mystic Blue according to a report from 9to5Google. Curiously, the range is referred to now as the “The New Huawei P30 Pro”, which is a little strange.

Besides a lick of paint there’s no changes inside the P30 Pro with the new colours, so these phones will continue to run Android and Google’s apps as normal. Perhaps the more interesting thing is the reference to an Android 10 update. Roland Quandt has been checking out the IFA venue ahead of time, it seems, and he’s spotted some advertising showing off the new colours as well as the Android 10 update:

p30_pro_android_10_tease_ifa_1In the small print, which you can’t really read from the photo above, it says “the delivery time for software updates may vary”, but the claim is quite clearly made – P30 Pro will see an Android 10 update, and that’s pretty cool.

Given the uncertainty around the Mate 30 line and what software it will / can run, a renewed focus on the P30 series makes good sense, especially as it was widely reviewed as one of the better (or best) phones of 2019 so far.

With Huawei’s press conference happening about this time tomorrow, we expect to find out more pretty soon.


Chris is attending IFA 2019 in Berlin as guest of Huawei Australia.