Living in South Australia I know far too well the pain of roadworks. We have endured continued upgrades as well as new transport infrastructure being added. Luckily Google Maps now lets you report the location of roadworks to help out those following you. This follows the addition of speed camera reporting and congestion reporting not that long ago.

Unfortunately, at the moment the function to report issues isn’t available to users with Android Auto-compatible head units. Only users who are using Android Auto or Maps on their phone. That being said, Android Auto users will still see the benefits with announcements during navigation of congestion ahead.

The functions we’re seeing slowly migrate to Android Auto have mostly been on Waze for some time, so it would be fair to expect more to come in the near future.

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The problem is that some major roadworks projects will take more than one year to complete!

It should be mandatory that councils and contractors have to report their roadworks activities themselves so that people planning their route know in advance of the disruptions or detours. They should also have to report permanent road changes to mapping companies as well.