Jabra are known for making some of the best true wireless earbuds on the market. At IFA today they announced the Jabra Elite 75t a true upgrade to their lineup in almost every way.

That Jabra Elite 75t truly wireless earbuds have been slimmed down with improved fit when compared to the 65t while increasing the overall battery life by packing more juice in the charging case. Each bud holds 7.5 hours of charge and the case include another 20.5 for a total of 28 hours playback between charges.

Speaking of charging, the 75t charging case now charges via USB-C (woohoo) and a wireless charging variant is current in development for release ‘later this year’. The inclusion of USB-C was a must for this generation to succeed and it looks like Jabra heard that feedback loud and clear. Looking at the case Jabra has kept it relative small hopefully making it small enough to keep in your pocket.

The 75t will continue with Jabra’s heritage of excellent audio quality both with the earbuds themselves and with the four microphone array for voice and call quality. The 75t can be tuned to your liking using the Jabra companion app letting you set a multitude of options for audio and voice quality.

Jabra will keep the popular physical click buttons that their devices are well know for but due to the smaller size Jabra said they will limit the function assigned to each button. We’re not sure if this means they will reduce the number of buttons to one per earbud or if they will prevent double and triple clocks for assigning multiple commands to a single button.

One thing we know the button can be configured for is the Google Assistant, Alexa or even Siri if you’re that way inclined. These don’t appear to be ‘Assistant-certified’ like other headphones which integrate more tightly for reading back messages and similar, but you will get one-button access to Assistant commands and questions, which can be very handy.

The 75t are connected via Bluetooth 5.0 allowing for longer range, lower power usage, better quality audio and potentially independent ear pairing. We have reached out to Jabra to clarify if the 75t will pair individually to each ear bud or if they will maintain the master and slave connection that their predecessors have.

Overall the smaller size, longer battery life, USB-C charging and Assistant integration certainly looks to make this a solid and much appreciated addition to the Jabra truly wireless earbud line up. The Elite 75t Titanium Black will be available from late-October 2019 for $299 AUD and the Gold Beige will be available in early 2020 from most retailers and online re-sellers.

Source: Jabra.
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Please update when you hear news. The master slave question is an important one. Love my 65t’s but when I run with my Garmin, I have to wear my watch on my right wrist to reduce music dropouts. Left wrist to right earpiece breaks audio once per minute average.


Are there any infos about the Master/Slave Configuration?