Lenovo has a new version of the beloved Smart Display with a few redesigns and a couple new features.

The existing Smart Displays come in either 10-inch or 8-inch size, along with the tiny 4-inch Smart Clock. The new Smart Display 7 sports a 7-inch screen as you may have guessed, making it a great option for tight spaces.

The redesigned Smart Display has the speaker below the screen for a smaller overall footprint without skimping on speaker size. Other new features of the Smart Display 7 include an RGB sensor that allows it to automatically adjust screen temperature based on the lighting in its environment.

As with the other Smart Displays, you can use the Lenovo Smart Display 7 to control other smart devices, catch up on your daily schedule, check the weather or read the latest news. Lenovo’s particular implementation of the smart display also allows for video calling using Google Duo thanks to the inbuilt camera.

The Lenovo Smart Display 7 will go on sale in the middle of November with local pricing yet to be announced.

Source: Lenovo.
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Jeni Skunk

This version of the Lenovo Smart Display actually looks good.