+ Thursday December 12th, 2019

In a week where we’ve had more Pixel 4 leaks and rumours than we’ve had days the internet has decided to round off Sunday with a look at the Pixel 4’s 3rd colour, potentially named Coral. The decidedly orange looking device is certainly distinctive and is reminiscent of the red Nexus 5 from yesteryear.

Spotted on the Chinese social media site Weibo the photo looks genuine and is shown off next to the already leaked black and white variants. With Pixels traditionally coming in three colour variants this may be the last colour leak ahead of the big reveal anticipated to be early next month.

We’re honestly not sure what’s left to leak out about the Pixel 4 line up beyond retail packaging and any accessories in the box for this years Pixel 4 release. Somehow we think we’d prefer all the details to remain a mystery for the big reveal instead of the slow drip of leaks and rumours but alas that is not to be ;regardless we may well officially see the Pixel 4 range launched in around four weeks.

Source: Weibo.

Duncan Jaffrey   Associate

Duncan Jaffrey

Duncan has been interested in technology since coding "Mary had a little Lamb" in Basic on his ZX Spectrum. A fan of all things Android, most days you'll find Duncan trawling the web for Android news or quietly editing away on Map Maker.

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Although highly unlikely I’d love to see a Pixel watch debut along with the Pixel 4. A boy can dream I guess 😭

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