Google are continually adding functionality to Assistant and one of the new features that will most likely, for now, be exclusive to the Pixel 4 will be the ability for it to take over phone calls while you are on hold.

According to 9to5Google a source familiar with the feature has told them that when you are on a call with a business and they put you on hold you’ll be able to tap a button on the display to notify your Assistant that you are on hold. At that stage you can set your mind to do other tasks and when the business takes you off hold and Assistant detects a human on the other end it will notify you.

The source also says that while the feature is in development they would be surprised if it was ready in time for when the Pixel 4 launches with its development still at an early stage with the new feature called “Hold my Phone”.

We have seen Google give demonstrations with similar functionality for their Assistant such as making bookings for you and screening unwanted calls (please let me screen those damn energy company calls that I seem to get every other day at work) so it is not a huge leap for them to bring that similar functionality in a bit less creepy way.

It is possible that Google will announce the feature at their Made By Google event in October with a “rolling out to Pixel 4 devices soon” caveat. Google no doubt have several innovative software features set to roll out with the Pixel 4, as they do for Pixel devices every year. This year at least they seem to have innovative hardware to at least match these features for once.

Who else is looking forward to the Made By Google event more than ever this year?

Source: 9to5Google.
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Probably limited to US only as usual.