Google have in recent years made some great ads for their new products to get the Pixel name into the mindset of the general public. Overnight a South American ad for the Pixel 4 has been captured by a reader of ProAndroid and of course then share with the world.

The video aims to further put Pixel in the general mindset tell us that this is a phone brought to you by those who made YouTube, Google Search and Google Maps — “a phone made the Google way”.

The video does not reveal much new, if anything, aside from what we already knew. We can see the expected camera module on the rear, the larger top bezel to house the Soli sensors and the white rear back of it. Interestingly, the white version appears to have black sides (and orange power button) to match the black camera module — panda phone version two maybe?

There is mention of the air gestures brought to you by Soli but the main focus is on how good the camera is in helping you get the perfect pictures at all times including at night. If Google had one of the best night sight functions with a single camera lens you would expect that to improve with multiple modules on the rear.

Thee video is a video taken of a TV screen and is thus not great quality but you can bet that this will not be the last leak we see before announcement in October. We will bring them all to you as soon as we see or hear them.

What else is there to see anyway? Is it just me or do you also wish for the times when you knew very little about a phone before it was announced?

Source: ProAndroid.
Via: Reddit.
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I wouldn’t mind having the new pixel for a second phone maybe just to give it a try , I’m not overly fussed about the camera/s , as most of the decent phones take good pics in one way or another these days . But if the phone could legitimately do something to make life better or easier , it might be worth it’s money. I’m pretty skeptical of the gestures thing so far . I pick up my phone about a 100 times a day , so if the whizz bang radar face unlock thing proves to work good… Read more »


Looks like the video has been removed already.

Chris Rowland

It has been, good thing we took a copy 🙂