Multiple leaks every day it seems at the moment, and the Google Pixel 4 is still a few weeks away from its announcement. This afternoon an unknown Redditor has been sent some hands on pictures of a black and a white Pixel 4 XL.

While there is no way to corroborate these images they certainly look real based on the leaks and rumours that we have seen so far.

The images show both a light and a dark themed wallpaper along with the usual thick side bezels that we see on all Pixel devices for some reason. The top bezel is as expected due to the number of different sensors located up there for Soli and the font-facing camera.

We see the triple rear camera with the gloss back of the phones — the black is all black and the white is a white rear with a black front and sides. The black phone seems to have a white power button and the white phone an orange power button — as is Google’s whim.

While it doesn’t really provide much extra information this leak does confirm the design of the Pixel 4 XL phones. It is interesting to see Google steer away from their now traditional matte/gloss rear design but the 2019 flagship is a good looking phone.

You can be sure the software will match the innovative design, hopefully the hardware inside can keep up with the software’s requirements.

Source: Imgur.
Via: Reddit.
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Tango India Mike

Liking the white with black border around the edge of the phone…not bad! feeling really “meh” about the iPhone pro today so might look at one of these instead.


It looks ok , hopefully the back will be flat without the cameras protruding .
I’m probably going against the grain , but I like the bezels , and also no notch !


I was worried about the design actually but that white looks pretty good.