We’ve previously reported on Google’s impending premium subscription app service Google Play Pass. That was in closed testing. Today, Google all but confirmed that the service will launch soon.

With a simple tweet, Google announced “It’s almost time ⏲️ Google Play Pass is coming soon”

While there are no specifics about the program officially released, we know that the trial included a range of premium apps across a diverse range of categories from games to services. It’s unclear if games included in the service will be completely free of the dreaded in-app purchases, as ‘entertainment apps’ are excluded from the promise of no ads or in-app purchases.

At launch, the service is expected to cost $4.99 USD per month, which would be around $7 -$8 AUD if the typical Australia tax is added to the service. It feels like $9.99 is the more logical price point but time will tell.

With Apple expected to launch a similar service perhaps as early as tomorrow, it’s not surprising to see Google ramping up the tease campaign.

Source: Twitter.