I think we’re reaching the point where Google just needs to reveal the Pixel 4 range and just get it over with; the leaks are coming so thick and fast that by the time Google comes to announce something, there’ll be nothing left to know.

The rumoured inclusion of a Soli sensor has certainly attracted a lot of interest, but there’s some more information now about how this sensor (and others) may work together for a fast, secure unlock.

Photos shared on Weibo (via 9to5Google) earlier today show off some of the parameters of a new facial recognition system which is bound to make things faster and more secure.

In the photos, we can see how the facial recognition is claimed to work through glasses or sunglasses. Translation of the Chinese characters reveals that biometric data will be stored on the device itself – no surprise – and able to be deleted by the user at whim.

Amongst the Chinese text is discussion of family members and the detection of eye movement, suggesting the Pixel 4 will be harder to fool even if you look like a phone’s owner, or hold up a photo of the owner instead.

Alongside all this, it appears that this might be the only security option available on Pixel 4 – this means there’s no fingerprint sensor, apparently.

Apple has ditched fingerprint sensors already, being pretty comfortable with the performance and security of its Face ID system. It now seems that Google is ready to do the same.

The other details shown – particularly in the last image – refer to a phone with 6GB of RAM and Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor. Sounds like the Pixel 4 won’t fall short where the Pixel 3 range did.


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On the first picture, the last three paragraphs actually says:

Glancing at the phone might accidentally unlock the phone.

If someone puts your phone up to your face whilst your eyes are open, the phone will unlock itself.

People that looks similar to you (e.g. twin brothers or sisters) can also unlock the phone.