Earlier today, a well-known Chinese leaker posted what are said to be the complete specs for the Huawei Mate 30 Pro on his Twitter account.

According to the spec sheet shared, the Huawei Mate 30 Pro would have either a 6.6 or 6.8 inch AMOLED FHD + display. Not surprisingly, the smart phone will use the Kirin 990 chipset announced at IFA 2019, coupled with 8 GB of RAM and up to 12 GB of RAM for a separate model. The full spec sheet is shared below:


It’s not clear how much of this spec sheet is actually just someone’s wish list and how much of it might come from anything near a Huawei official source, but if we’re being honest, most of what’s in here makes an awful lot of sense and fits with what we’d already suspected would be inside the Mate 30 Pro.

Separately, photos have been shared on Weibo of a purported Mate 30 (note, not Pro) retail box, including the specifications printed on the bottom. The box looks decidedly Huawei, mirroring almost exactly the retail packaging for Mate 20 and P30 series phones.

A brief description on the bottom of the box shows a phone with 6GB RAM and 128GB storage, in “Bright Black” colour. It also shows the code TAS-AL00 which received TENAA approval back mid-last month. Perhaps most interesting is the notation that this device is only for sale and warranty in Mainland China.

Regardless of what the box likes, we’ve got a fair idea of what’s inside, and the notable exception will be Google’s Android services. I, for one, can’t wait to see what a modern flagship smartphone looks like without Google’s (fairly important) apps and services, and so I’m pretty excited to see what gets launched next week.

What about you?

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I love my mate 20 pro.. Good battery and camera.. But.. First thought is: “volume slider touch bar” …? Would that me a no physical volume buttons? Second thought is: I bought the mate 20 pro for discounted rrp when it was first released, now Huawei is selling them at half price. Which means any resale on my device is shot. I know phones sell for less, but jbhifi for example always has them for 10 or 20% less than original rrp. Not 50% like the M20Pro has copped. Third thought is: man that notch is super wide again. At… Read more »