Remember that Hanoi shop that is selling Google Pixel 4 XL phones? It seems that every single blog and vlog and person in Vietnam is getting their hands on one (and we don’t blame them, we would too if we were there). In another video that has surfaced today ReLab has put the Pixel 4 XL through its paces as a gaming phone.

Re.lab has managed to either purchase a phone or have paid someone to put the phone through a number of tests, the first one being gaming — and this time there are English subtitles. The have said that they plan to release more videos with English subtitles detailing “performance, camera and battery life etc” very soon — keep your eyes peeled for those.

As you can see in their video above they say that the texture of the white phone is a matte texture — something we suspected yesterday (or was it the day before, there have been so many Pixel Leaks). They process to put the phone through its paces in PUBG Mobile, comparing the phone to the Pixel 3 which is average at best for this sort of thing due to a massive lack of RAM and poor RAM management of what it does have.

The settings seemed to be turned to full specs, including the 90Hz refresh rate for the display and the game seems to perform well — better than the Pixel 3 (no surprise there). 90Hz is great for gaming and should provide a very smooth gaming experience — something it seemingly does on the Pixel 4 XL.

There are games more intensive than PUBG Mobile and it would have been nice to see them test it out on those and it also would have been nice for the subtitles to be a bit more detailed but for us to get such an early look at the Pixel 4 XL gaming. It is unclear how it performs to the dedicated gaming phones but if gaming is that important to you you should already be looking at one of those (eg. Asus ROG Phone II or Razer Phone 2) or something with dedicated gaming modes (eg. OnePlus 7 Pro).

Of course these are all very early testing samples made with what is most likely unfinalised software — we will of course put the Pixel 4 XL through all the requisite tests when we have one on our review bench, hopefully in October. Until then, the Pixel 4 XL seems to have game.

Source: ReLab YouTube.
Via: Android Police.